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Wave OM-017 Instant Glue High Cutting Gel Type

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Wave OM-017 Instant Glue High Cutting Gel Type

Excellent machinability after curing! A gel type that is difficult to sauce and easy to serve.

  • It is a high-cutting type model adhesive that is transparent and can be sharpened with a knife or file after curing.
  • It has a high viscosity and is a gel that does not easily drip when applied.
  • In addition to gluing various parts of plastic models and garage kits, it is convenient for filling sink marks, pinholes, streaks, etc., and erasing joints.
  • When serving and filling, please use the "Instant Adhesive Curing Spray (sold separately)".

* Please perform the work while curing a small amount at a time.

[What cannot be glued]
Polyethylene / Polypropylene / Nylon / Soft PVC / Silicone resin / Fluoropolymer / Glass / Fiber / Leather

・This product is an adhesive, so handle with care.
・Before use, be sure to read the instruction manual inside the product mount carefully.
・During bonding, it may take some time for the adhesive to cure depending on the amount of adhesive that protrudes from the joint. If necessary, use an instantaneous curing spray (sold separately).