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Wave Basic Stainless Steel Etching Parts - Circle [Style 2] OF-073

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Gateless type, no need for time-consuming cutting work. Round etching parts with basic design
  • You can easily improve the detail by pinching it with tweezers, removing it from the film, and gluing it as it is.
  • With a highly versatile basic round design, it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as adding character model details and producing original parts.
  • When bonding parts, use instant adhesive or epoxy adhesive.
  • When painting, use a primer or surfacer that is compatible with metal parts to perform the base treatment.


-This product does not have adhesive processing on the back surface of the parts. Adhere using various adhesives.
-This product is a non-magnetic type. Magnets, magnets, etc. do not attract.

■ Product material: Stainless steel / Thickness 0.2 mm (non-magnetic type)
■ Outer diameter 2 to 6 mm (0.5 mm increments), a total of 9 sizes are set.
■ 145 parts in total (per product)
■ Product size: Approximately 70 x 110 mm (overall etching frame size)
■ Product code: OF-071 circle ① / OF-072 circle ② / OF-073 circle ③ / OF-074 circle ④

* Tools, materials, parts, etc. other than this product used in the explanatory photos are not included.