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Wave Disposable Finish Stick OF-052

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Convenient for various finishing work with a tanned edge type cotton swab
  • A cotton swab with special resin hair fixed to the core material.
  • Thanks to the core material of the cotton swab, it has a moderate elasticity. Convenient for holding down and fixing decals.
  • In addition, because of its slanted shape, it is also suitable for polishing small parts using a compound.

-This product is a single-use type. Depending on the work content, it may be possible to use it repeatedly, but if the cotton swab's hair wears, replace it as appropriate.
-The cotton swab may come off the shaft.

■ 16 pieces
■ Body size: Overall length about 93 mm
■ Weight: About 1g
■ Product material Cotton swab: Resin Bristle/ Shaft: PP

* Tools, materials, parts, etc. other than this product used in the explanatory photos are not included.