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Wave Spare Blades for HG Rotational Blade Cutter 360 HT-076

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Spare Blades for HG Rotational Blade Cutter

● Spare blades exclusively for Wave "HG Rotational Blade Cutter".
● Blade length: Approximately 4 mm / Material: Carbon tool steel (SK5)
● Compatible materials Paper, masking tape, decals, sticker paper, etc.
* Even the above materials may not be cut depending on the shape and size.
* This product is a light work cutter suitable for cutting thin materials. It may not be suitable for cutting plastic materials and putties.


* This product is a blade, so please handle it with care.
* When replacing, it may be unavoidable to touch the blade. Please be careful not to get injured.

■ Body size (length) x (diameter): Approx. 21 x 3 mm
■ Product material
 Rotating blade: carbon Tool steel (SK5)
 Spare blade case: PP

* This product is a replacement part exclusively for the "HG Blade Tip Rotating Cutter".
* The "HG Blade Tip Rotating Cutter" and materials used in the explanatory photos are not included in this product.