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Tamiya 87078 Craft Bond (20g)

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【 It is a water-based bond that can be used for scene making and paper crafts 】 Ideal for paper crafts! It is a water-based bond that is ideal for scene making and paper crafts. It can be used to bond paper, wood, cloth, leather, styrene board, Styrofoam, etc. In addition, if one side is a porous material (paper, wood, cloth, leather, etc.), materials such as PVC and metal can also be bonded.

【 Basic Specs 】 20g

【 Features 】 - Compared to ordinary woodworking bonds, the flexibility of the film after curing is high, so it is resistant to impact and there is no need to worry about it peeling off after completion. In addition, the adhesive surface of the paper craft is almost never wavy, because moisture does not soak into the paper more than necessary. - The tube tip is an easy-to-use ultra-fine nozzle. It is useful for detailed work such as gluing trees and grass when creating scenes. ――When it dries, it becomes transparent and does not easily damage resin and coating films, so it can be used for bonding small clear parts such as 1/24 car lights and turn signals.