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20 Degree Fine Engraving Needle

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As its name suggests, this fine engraving needle has a pointed tip rather than the hooked one seen in our engraving blades.
This allows easier scribing of curved details.
- Fine Engraving Needle x 1 pc
- Total length: 25 mm. Shank diameter: 2 mm. Needle point angle is 20°.
- Crafted from cemented carbide, with a precision finish.
- Recommended for use with dedicated holder: Item 74139 Engraving Blade Holder. Also compatible with Fine Pin Vise D (Item 74050) and D-R (Item 74112).
- Simply hold and pull lightly across the surface to score it. Repeat as necessary to achieve a clearly-defined result.
- Comes in a case that can hold up to ten needles, and separately sold engraving blades.