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Tamiya Airbrush Cleaning Kit

SKU: 74548
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Make sure that your Tamiya Spray-Work series airbrush is squeaky clean and in peak condition with this handy cleaning and maintenance set.
Perfect for cleaning openings both narrow and wide, the included brushes ensure that paint does not clog up the inner workings of the airbrush such as the nozzle and needle, in addition to the paint cup.
Also included are high-viscosity grease and sealant to combat air leakages during use, plus a wrench which can be used to remove the nozzle from all of Tamiya's Spray-Work airbrush products.
- 74550: Extra-Fine Brush x 1 (Brush: 12 mm length x 2 mm dia.; total length: 100 mm).
Features durable PBT bristles and an easy-to-handle stainless steel wire stem.
It’s ideal for cleaning narrow spaces such as the airbrush nozzle.
- 74551: Standard Brush x 1 (Brush: 12 mm length x 7 mm dia.; total length: 100 mm).
Utilizes PBT bristles and a stainless-steel stem with grip. Efficiently cleans the paint cup after use.
- Sealant tub x 1 (Contents: 3 g).
The sealant ensures that air does not escape from any gaps at the base of the nozzle.
It does not solidify, allowing cleaning and reapplication as necessary.
- High-viscosity grease tub x 1 (Contents: 7 g).
This grease is for use in maintenance of the trigger button stem, its viscosity ensures smooth and controlled movement of the trigger and paint application.
- Nozzle wrench x 1.
This wrench is compatible with all Spray-Work series airbrushes, and is used to remove the nozzle without damage.