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Shimomura Alec Hyper Gate Cut Saw 0.1 Pro Spec PRO-25G [AL-K54]

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・Exclusively for gate disconnection Anyway, I want to separate it cleanly from the gate! For those who are like that! !

・No clams, amazing 0.25 mm tooth pitch! 0.1 mm thick

・Traichi cutting without flying fine parts!

・When cutting, you don't have to worry about the blade biting in and scattering like before.

 No need.

*Transfer of shipping by cutting the gate with a precision saw blade!

・Plastic models ・Railway models ・Figures ・Doll houses ・Dioramas ・Ideal for precision cutting of materials such as architectural models.

Saw blade thickness: 0.1 mm 

Tooth pitch: 0. 25 mm