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Shimomura Alec Stainless Steel File - Shine Blade Ultima [AL-K187]

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This Stainless Steel File is design for resin cutting only!

- Stainless steel material, resistant to rust

- Clog resistant, it can be easily clean with a brush.

- File Size: Blade Length 75 mm / Full Length 150 mm / Width 10 mm / Thick 2 mm

A side surface equivalent to Grit Size #240

B side surface equivalent to Grit Size #1500

Recommend for plastic models, model railroads, sailboat models, figures, dollhouses, dioramas, architectural model dolls, etc.

* Can be washed with water

When washing with water: Put soap on your fingers and lightly trace the file to remove oil before flushing with water. After that, please keep it dry with a towel.