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Plamokojo Vortec Stirrer Turbo PMKJ020

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Product introduction & usage

In order to make the paint for plastic models develop the color as beautifully as imagined, it is important to stir the pigment accumulated at the bottom of the paint bottle well.
Especially acrylic and enamel paints have a high viscosity, and stirring by hand is a patient task.
[Vortech Stirrer TURBO] is a mixer dedicated to plastic paint that can rotate the paint at high speed as it is in the bottle and stir the pigment accumulated at the
bottom by the force of a vortex.
Simply set it in the clip-type holder and turn the knob to automatically mix the paint evenly.
It is a revolutionary item that can be used in a wide range of types of paint bottles for plastic models, surfacers, decal glue and can spray, and stirs firmly in a short time.

Simply place the paint on the bottle holder and pinch it with a clip.
If you turn the knob in front of you according to the size of the bottle, the rotation will begin and stirring will begin.
Since it has a timer function, it will stop automatically after 2 minutes.
With the power of specially designed rotating stage and powerful motor, it stirs the paint fast and smoothly.
The power of the vortex skillfully mixes the pigment and the components of the paint, and the original color of the paint is finished, and it is possible to paint as imagined.
In particular, pigments that are strongly stuck to the bottom, such as enamel paints and fluorescent paints, can also be rolled up and mixed well.
Up to 5 bottles (5 times) can be used continuously at a time.
In addition, other work can be performed with the free hand during stirring, improving work efficiency.

* If you use it more than 6 times, please use again after a while (about 10 minutes).

The clip of the
bottle holder has a special shape and
grips all commercially available plastic coatings.
In addition, square bottle paint, decal glue, and can spray for plastic models can be set and stirred, making it faster and more powerful than
* Can sprays with large diameters and can sprays with lengths that are not for plastic models cannot be used.

Depending on the size of the bottle, there are three levels of speed adjustment.
By turning the knob to the right, the rotation speed gradually increases.
Blue gauge (low rotation speed): Large capacity spare bottle (3-40ml), surfacer (50~40ml), can spray for model (50ml), etc. Yellow gauge (medium rotation speed): lacquer, water-based acrylic paint (100-10ml), etc.

Red gauge (high rotation speed): Enamel paint (30 ml or less), etc.

Check the condition of the paint you want to mix and adjust the rotation speed within the above range.
* Since there is a risk of malfunction and the set container may pop out, be sure to observe the response speed before use.
* As this may lead to injury or the bottle popping out, if you have small children, be careful not to accidentally touch the knob or the rotating mechanism.

* For bottles with reduced paint capacity, please add an appropriate amount of solvent before use.
* For paints that have not been used for a long time, pigments may adhere to the bottom of the bottle, so it is recommended to turn them more than twice.
* The larger the amount of paint content, the greater the recoil and operating noise during rotation.

No dirt, no paint loss
[Vortech Stirrer TURBO] rotates the paint bottle without opening the paint lid and stirs only with the force of the vortex, so it can be mixed without using mixing tools such as muddlers, iron balls and magnets. Since there is no entry into the paint