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Nichiban MT-15P Masking Tape and Push Cut

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Nichiban MT-15P Product Overview

  • Tape cutter
    Pull the lever with one hand to send out the tape, and cut the tape just by pressing. Anyone can easily use it.

  • It is safe because you can cut the tape without touching the blade.
    The cut edge of the cut tape has a straight finish without jaggedness.
    The lid made of highly transparent polycarbonate makes it easy to determine the remaining amount of tape.
    Since the tape is loaded into the body with a lid, the tape is hard to get dirty.
    Palm-sized and compact portability.

  • masking tape
    High-quality type used for masking when painting vehicles.
    It is possible to overlap from the top of the tape.

  • use
    Model production: Masking for painting at the time of plastic model production, temporary fixing until adhesive curing.
    - Various sites: interior construction and decoration, exhibition setup.
    - Photography studio: creation, fixation, temporary fastening, masking, marking.
    - Creation of sales floor: Posting of bulletin boards.