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Mr. Weathering Paste WP02 Mud White 40ml

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WP01 ~ WP03

Mr. Weathering Paste is very thick, so it is most suitable for reproducing three dimensional stains such as mud. WP03 Wet Clear can reproduce a moistened texture when it is mixed with other Weathering Paste. When used on its own, you can create a puddle effect.

Usage examples:

  • Various textures can be reproduced depending on the amount of thinner mixed in from thick mud to smudge like stains.
  • By applying thick paint mixed with thinner, you can reproduce cracks.
  • You can reproduce arid ground areas or dry mud splatter on the underside of a vehicle chassis.

When Weathering Paste is mixed with Wet Clear, the glossy appearance remains even after drying, so a wet texture can be reproduced.

  • It can be mixed with WC01 - 08 Weathering Colors.
  • Please use WCT101 Weathering Color Thinner to dilute.

WP04 ~ WP05

New colors in the Mr. Weathering Paste series. These are very useful on their own and also when used in combination with the 3 other types that have already been released, for heavy mud stains on AFV models or real ground work in dioramas. A variety of expressive techniques can be realized depending on your ideas. Use dedicated thinner(WCT101) for Weathering Color to dilute.