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Mr. Weathering Color WC12 Face Green 40ml

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WC01 ~ WC08

Special paint for weathering presentation based on oil paint material. Black intended for shadowing or soot is highly versatile.

It can be used on its own, but brightness can be adjusted by mixing it with other colors.

It is possible to apply this over the base color of Mr. Color, water-based hobby color and Acrysion color.

  • Rich brown intended to replicate soil stains or rust. It enhances the reality of work when used for inking in.
  • Brown with high brightness intended to replicate oil stains or rust. It can reproduce the effect of running liquid stains when it is used to draw on the surface.
  • Yellow ocher intended to replicate the look of attached sand. The look of fugitive dust buildup can be reproduced by applying it on the surface using a flat brush.

WC09 ~ WC13

Dedicated filtering colors have been added to the lineup of Mr. WEATHERING COLOR. When this is applied broadly using a flat brush, etc. on a surface painted with basic color and then wiped off lightly with cotton buds, etc., the color tone on the painted surface can be matched and shading or shadowing can be added to enhance 3D appearance. *Filtering: Painting method to replicate fading of coating.