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MS-232 Mr Mark Setter (40ml)

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About MS-232 Mr Mark Setter

Mr. Mark Softer is a glue agent for decals.
It is used when firmly sticking the decal on the painted surface.
It is especially effective when used on decals that are old and have lost their adhesion, or decals that do not have strong adhesion.
It also contains ingredients that soften the decal.

Apply a small amount to the position where the decal will be applied, and place the decal on it. The glue glues the decal to the painted surface, making it difficult to peel off even after drying.
The softening solvent will soften the decal quickly, so if you apply too much, the decal itself may melt or erode the painted surface.
Applying over the pasted decals will have some effect, but basically apply under the decals.

This product is water soluble. Adding water from time to time will dilute the effect of the solvent and prevent rapid softening. Depending on the surface to be painted, the type of decal, etc., it is better to dilute it with water before using.

After pasting the decal, lightly press down the decal with a lightly moistened Mr. cotton swab, Mr. Clean Stick 2, or a non-dusty rag to ensure that the decal adheres firmly to the surface of the part.
Wipe off excess Mr. Mark Setter with water to prevent it from softening too much. A wet cotton swab will help neutralize the marksetter and prevent it from becoming too soft with the solvent.

If the decal is hard and does not soften easily, apply a small amount of MS231 Mr. Mark Softer on the decal and let it blend in. Be careful not to apply too much.

If there are air bubbles between the decal and the part (silvering), after the decal has dried, carefully pierce the decal with a needle or design knife. After that, by applying Mr. Mark Softer again, the decal softens again, air bubbles disappear, and the decal adheres firmly to the surface of the part.

One way to prevent silvering is to have a glossy surface finish on the substrate the decal will be applied to.

The main agent used in the old product has been changed to an eco-friendly one and redesigned.
The points that have been changed with the change are as follows.

・The glue agent has been changed from an emulsion resin-based glue agent to an acrylic resin-based glue agent. Adhesion performance is improved than the previous one.
Applying decals → glossy clear coating, even if masking is performed after coating, the decals are less likely to be removed by the masking tape.

・The softening performance is stronger than the previous one.

・It has more dissolving power than the previous one for water-based hobby colors. If the drying time is short, it will be especially noticeable, so please dry well and avoid using a large amount. When using, it is recommended to dilute Mark Softer with water to lower its dissolving power before use.

Depending on the drying time of the paint film, the volume used, the method of wiping, etc., a dilution of about 30% is a guideline.