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GSI Creos GT66 Mr. Vice

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GSI Creos GT66 Mr. Vice

This vise is the perfect size for hobby applications. It is useful for fixing tables during cutting work. If you use it in combination with the LP01Mr. loupe, you will be able to stably perform work such as machining and painting small parts.

•Fixing pins firmly fix the parts. The mounting pins can be repositioned to fit the shape of the part. (Mounting holes can be fixed in 5 places on each side, up to a maximum width of 30 mm.)

•A silicone tube can be attached to the fixing pin, so it will not scratch the parts. (Please cut the silicone tube to your favorite length.)

•With the thumbscrew at the bottom of the main body, you can fix it at your favorite angle.

•The back side of the pedestal has a non-slip rubber.