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PROCON BOY WA Double Action Platinum 0.2 mm PS270

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It is the ultimate precision painting airbrush equipped with a semi-easy soft button, an air adjust system, and an air-up mechanism that stabilizes the air pressure in a nozzle diameter of 0.2 mm. With 10 cc cup.
Excellent mechanism installed in platinum type
■ Air adjust system Air volume can be adjusted from 1 to maximum at hand.
■ Air-up mechanism Air is prepared so that stable work can be performed even with low-pressure air.
■ Semi-easy soft button Smoothly promotes the spraying of paint at the beginning of spraying.
Set contents:
● Conversion joint for 1/8 (S) → PS (thin)
● Air hose (PS thin, 1 m)
● Adjustment for air cylinder
● Dedicated wrench for valves and nozzles