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MX Series - Metallic Paints

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Product Description
MX-02 Robot Iron (20ml) / MX-03 Robot Silver (20ml) / MX-05 Robot Gold (20ml) / MX-06 Pure Gold (20ml) / MX-07 Bronze Gold (20ml) / MX-09 Copper (30ml) / MX-10 Champagne Gold (20ml) / MX-11 Rose Gold (20ml) / MX-19 Bright Silver (20ml) / MX-20 Gun Metal (20ml) / MX-21 Star Silver(20ml) / MX-23 Star Aluminium (20ml)

MX-02 機械鐵 (20ml) / MX-03 機械銀 (20ml) / MX-05 機械金 (20ml) / MX-06 赤金 (20ml) / MX-07 青金 (20ml) / MX-09 銅色 (30ml) / MX-10 香檳金 (20ml) / MX-11 玫瑰金 (20ml) / MX-19 亮銀 (20ml) / MX-20 槍鐵 (20ml) / MX-21 星光銀(20ml) / MX-23 星光鋁 (20ml)