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HiQ MXST Mixing Stick

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Stick stirring to the bottom of the paint bottle

Even though it is hard, the tip becomes stiff

It has a tapering flat shape, with the tip curled along the bottle, making it easier for the sediment of the paint bottle to stir.
Since the design does not show release pin marks during injection molding on the tip flat part,
it is easy to wipe the adhered paint with the border of the bottle, and even when it sticks, it does not accumulate in the pin mark, so it is easy to clean.

Made of polypropylene for easy cleaning

The paint adhering to the stick is easy to peel off by sticking a strong adhesive tape etc. after drying.
The material polypropylene (PP) is of course highly non-adhesive, and it is a material that easily peels off even if adhesives and paints
adhere, but it has a glossy finish so that it is even easier to peel off.