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HiQ LSCS-025 Line Scriber CS 0.25 mm

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A specially-shaped blade tool for streak carving with moderate elasticity and smooth sharpness.
High carbon steel blade used. Drawing carving, left and right carving, and casket hanging are also possible.
Specially shaped blades cause almost no vibrating

Due to the special shape of the blade, there is almost no sharpness of the blade.
The sides of the grooves can be sharpened and the bottom surface can be carved flat.

Specially designed grip that is easy to control like a pencil

We designed a special slender grip so that it can be gripped like a pencil.
Since it can be smoothly gripped to the part close to the blade, it is characterized by ease of handling like handling a pencil.
In order to prevent the light from reflecting off the tool and making it difficult to see, a frosted anodized aluminum treatment is used.
The weight balance is matched with the included aluminum grip.
A commercially available pin vise can also pinch the blade, but do not use it because it will reduce performance due to excessive weight.

The correct answer is not necessarily 30°~80° for the angle at which the blade is applied to the workpiece.
It depends on the material and the width of the blade, so please use it as a guide.
If the angle is well matched, it will be sharpened like a plank shaving, and the carved bottom can also be kept in a clean state.
The screw that stops the blade is on the back (directly above) of the blade, if you want to apply the blade along the plane, please use it while checking the position of the set screw.