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HiQ Parts KM-WS Kumano Brush for cleaning

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HiQ Parts KM-WS Kumano Brush for cleaning
Saves cleaning thinner. It is a special brush for cleaning the cups of the airbrush handpiece.
It is used to clean areas that are difficult to remove with normal "gargle cleaning" work, such as the back of the needle and the paint that sticks to the bottom of the cup.
It cannot be used to scrape off paint that has completely solidified. Dissolve it with thinner to some extent before washing.
You can also wash the inside of the cup with a cleaning brush before gargling to save on the amount of thinner used for < washing.

Material suitable for cleaning "PBT"
The ear neck is made of PBT material with excellent chemical resistance.
It is made of a shape that is strong so that it can be washed even in deep places, and
the tip is easy to gather.
The shaft is unpainted wood. Since the paint on the shaft does not peel off, unnecessary dirt does not spread during
If paint gets on the shaft rod, wipe it off with model thinner.