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HiQ Parts ADP-JPS-130 DP Bottle JPS 130 ml with Ceramic stirring ball

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An airbrush dropper bottle for
quick pouring of diluted model paint into the
cup of the handpiece.
Equipped with a long nozzle that prevents paint from spilling and makes it easy to pour

■ Do not add anything other than paint diluted 2-3 times for the model (resin coating). Adding strong solvents, paints, primers, paints with high viscosity, and liquids originally in metal cans or metal caps may cause the contents to deteriorate. Pre-test recommendation
■ Ceramic stirring ball
■ Not a highly sealed container. Not suitable for long-term storage ■ Do not store it sideways with the liquid
in it
■ Store away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.
■ If solidified paint accumulates at the tip of the nozzle, remove it.