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HiQ DC-LP DC Lock Tweezers

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Convenient to use with sponge abrasives.
Tweezers that do not release what is sandwiched by the powerful slide lock mechanism

with a slide lock mechanism for file removal that can hold paper files and sponge abrasives sandwiched between the tip with one touch.
With anti-slip & strong tightening mechanism,
abrasive does not slip and can be worked with force.
If you slide the decorative screw & nut (hereinafter referred to as the screw) for locking toward the tip,
you can hold it with one touch while it is sandwiched.
Conversely, if you slide it towards the rear end, you can release the pinched object.
The pinching strength can be changed depending on the tightening of the screw.
If you want to tighten it more strongly, adjust the distance of the screw to be narrower.