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HiQ Guide tape for sujibori 6 mm (30 m) roll

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Thickness and hardness
suitable for guidesEssential items for streak carving

Transparent guide tape used when working with streaky tools and injured needles.
Although it can not be used in narrow places, the adhesive area has increased compared to the 3mm width type, so the adhesive strength is improved.
It is possible to paste firmly. Use 3 mm for narrow areas and 6 mm for wide areas with high adhesive strength.
Because it is transparent, you can carve straight lines without blurring while checking the underside.
In addition to straight lines, it also blends in well with corners and curved surfaces, and you can easily craft curved panel lines that were difficult without guides.
It has a moderate adhesive strength and can perform work in several places continuously (the adhesive strength falls on rough surfaces) *
The shape is easily distorted due to the convenience of the manufacturing process.
Please avoid direct sunlight and high heat.