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Funtec SB-12 Kikugi Series Tin Carving Carbide 1.2mm

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It is a precision tool developed for streak engraving. By using a very hard cemented carbide (tungsten carbide), we have achieved surprising sharpness and high durability. The cutting edge is an edgy flat sword shape, and it is possible to carve streaks of uniform width. Deep carving does not change the thickness of the line. Since the cutting edge is a sharp angle, it is possible to carve streaks from the corner as shown in Figure (1). There are 13 different blade widths. Each size is fitted with a color-coded ring. Use it by attaching it to a slashing tool holder or pin vise. ■■■ Precautions for use ■■■ The material of streak carved carbide is a very hard cemented carbide. Because it has high hardness and no stickiness, it may break if twisted, played, or applied by force from the side. Be especially careful when using curved streak carving or 0.1~0.2mm thin streak carving carbite.