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Funtec CN-30 Kikugi Series Carbide Injury Needle 30°

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This is a precision tool developed for injuries. It is used for adding molds, re-carving, drafting streak carvings, etc. The tip is a very hard cemented carbide (tungsten carbide) that achieves outstanding sharpness and high durability. Therefore, the cutting edge is difficult to wear out, and it is possible to draw sharp and beautiful lines. There are two types of tip angles: 10° and 30°. You can also see the angle of the tip at a glance with coloring and display stickers color-coded for each angle. The carbide injury needle 10° can draw thin and sharp lines, but because the cutting edge is very delicate, it is suitable for intermediate and advanced users. Use with a slashing tool holder or pin vise that can be attached up to φ3.2 mm Please be injured with force that lightly touches the surface. Getting injured without putting effort is the key to drawing a beautiful line. If force is applied, the machined surface may be rough or the cutting edge may be damaged.