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GodHand GH-SB-26-29 Spin Braid (2.6mm-2.9mm set of 4)

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The bottom of the round hole can be easily processed flat!
It is a carving knife that can be used by turning that has never been done before.
It is also very easy to use as a thin-bladed chisel.

It is attached to the pin vice body and used as a flat machine for the bottom of the drill hole and as a small engraving knife.
The size is a set of 4 pieces of 2.6 mm ~ 2.9 mm.
Since the shaft is unified to 3 mm, it is easy to replace because there is no need to replace the collet chuck of the pin vice body.

* Since it is a blade, please handle it with care when opening the lid or using it.

▼ How to use (1) Attach the drill blade to the pin vice to dig a hole
(2) Attach a spin blade of the same diameter as the drilled hole to the pin vice.
(3) Squeeze the bottom of the carved hole with a spin blade.

The bottom of the hole drilled with a drill blade of the same diameter (drill blade processing) can be flattened, and the shaft size is 3 mm, the blade size is 2.6 mm, 2.7 mm, 2.8 mm, 2.9 mm, and can also be used as a thin blade chisel.