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Sujiborido BMC Chisel Width 4.0 mm [T-4000N]

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・Do not use this tool for purposes other than models.
・When using, do not use force and use so that it can be lightly injured many times.
・The cutting edge is very sharp, so please be careful when handling it.
・Since the cutting edge is not sticky, it may break if torsion or bending force is applied.
・If you apply excessive force, fragments may fly off and cause injury.
・When using, wear glasses, hats, masks, gloves, etc. to protect your body.
・Never place near children, which may cause unexpected accidents such as accidental ingestion or injury.

Overall length approx. 90mm
Handle length approx. 67mm
Handle width approx. 5mm
Cutting edge length approx. 19mm
Cutting edge width 4.0mm