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A comfortable nipper with attention to detail so that you can assemble a BANDAI SPIRITS plastic model without stress has appeared!

  • The blades pursue a balance of hardness, material, and angle, and are designed for plastic models.
  • A rod-shaped spring is adopted for the contact point, realizing a soft feeling of use in addition to being difficult to come off.
  • High-carbon steel (high-carbon steel) is adopted, and it is designed with a good balance of sharpness and durability.
  • The material of the grip is soft. The shape of the polyhedron realizes "hard to get tired and easy to hold".
  • Designed to fit tightly in the palm of the hand, such as unevenness that becomes a catch of the thumb, non-slip groove, curve at the end of the grip, etc.
  • In order to eliminate the difficulty of use due to the over-opening of the nipper, the overlapping parts of the blades are deliberately brought into contact with each other to prevent opening.